Carte Restaurant / Rooftop

Carte Restaurant / Rooftop

Knife Cut

Cured Iberican Acorn Ham 100% Certified

24,00 €

Cured Iberian pork loin 100% Certified

24,00 €

Selection of Cheeses

15,00 €

To Share

Rose shrimps platter from Huelva

100 gr.

15,00 €

Duck Foie Gras Mi-Cuit

with tomato Jelly & Mango Purée and Mini Toast.
16,00 €

King Prawn Salad, Confit Potatoes& Red Bean Roe

With truffle homemade mayonnaise

12,00 €

Santoña Anchovy with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Crunchy Corn Bread


2,80 €

Mashed potatoes dressed with manteca colorá & bacon bits

With Shrimps.

Manteca colorá: Lard with meat, paprika and other species.

14,00 €

Creamy mashed potatoes

With a botelus stew and low temperature egg.

12,00 €

Fresh Stems & Leaves

Recoveco Salad

Smoked salmon, quinoa, mézcleme, guacamole & cherry tomatoes.

12,00 €

Tuna trunks, Sliced Tomatoes & Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil

13,00 €

Seasonal Vegetables in five Ways

Grilled, Roasted, Low Temperature, Fried & Steamed

12,00 €

Sppon Dishes


Andalusian Creamy Cold Soup, AOVE Ice Cream, Iberian Ham&Quail Egg.

10,00 €

Mediterranean Ajo Blanco

With Rosé Wine Ice Cream, Apple & Mango Brunoise.

10,00 €

Soupy Shellfish Rice

Price per person. Minimum 2 people.

19,00 €

Soupy Partridge Rice

Price per person. Minimum 2 people
16,00 €

Thorns Free

Wild Turbot, Leeks Garlic Based Sauce & Baby Beans Stew

19,00 €

Crispy seafood stuffed Hake in a sauce of champagne

22,00 €

Conil Sea Bass Roasted on King Prawn Vegetables Ragú

20,00 €


Traditional Retinto Beef Sirloin Steak Tartar

18,00 €

Iberian Shoulder-Blade Ham 100% Certified & Potato Gratin

With Crunchy Artichoke.

17,00 €

Grilled Beef Retinto Chateaubriand & Sauteed Bulgur

With Seasonal Vegetables.

24,00 €

Galician Rib Steak Matured over 40 days & French Fries

With Padrón pepper.

Price per kilo

55,00 €

Pastry & Confectionery

Traditional rice pudding with scented star anise

With Cinnamon crunchy.

5,00 €

Cheesecake with Bulgarian yogurt ice cream

5,50 €

Chocolat coulant with milk sweet heart and blueberries ice cream

5,50 €


Lemon, piña colada...

5,00 €

Fruit cup with mango ice cream, vainilla and pecan nuts

5,00 €

Mini Burger with macadamia ice cream

6,00 €

Wild Almadraba Tuna Menu

tuna tempura with squid ink & wasabi mayonnaise

Tuna Tartar with yuzu, salmon roe and toasts

Sunflower seed toast, Marinated Tuna, cheese cream

with dry tomato mayonnaise

Marinated tuna belly, roasted garlic, Ají red pepper & truffle

Toro Tuna tartar with Riofrio caviar and toast

Tuna Tataki with sweet miso, black olives and sautéed waka

Sliced Tuna Tarantelo on a concasse tomato style & Extra Virgin

Braised tuna belly with red potatoes, pistachio, basil & lemon p

Tuna with homemade tomato sauce, French fries and quail egg


Traditional Andalusian cooking with an innovative avant-garde touch to give the maximum pleasure to the senses.

A large welcoming restaurant with warmth which you can enjoy in company in the heart of Seville.