The restaurant

A unique space in the heart of Seville

Large, welcoming, and with warmth for a dynamic sensory experience
Reformed based on traditional Seville architecture and suitable for a lunch or dinner in which the tranquil enjoyment of the food and the professional attention are the mainstays.

Where we recall the tastes and service of yesteryear

Because we put our faith in a cuisine of quality based on the values of the recipes handed down from generation to generation and in which tradition is mixed with innovation. Fresh products of the season from nearby are the basis of unique dishes crafted for the most demanding palates.

And with an established cuisine and service, carefully and lovingly produced on a low heat

Recover both the taste and the tranquillity and the enjoyment of a family meal. A concept which sharpens our senses, disconnects us from the daily bustle, and invites us to discover the textures, aromas, and tastes which we have always known. We invite you to experience a new way of rediscovering traditional gastronomy.

A space which invites conversation and stimulates the senses


Come and have a unique experience

We are in the heart of Seville. Calle Ortíz de Zúñiga, 8.
You can reserve a table by using our booking form or by calling 673 300 818


Traditional Andalusian cooking with an innovative avant-garde touch to give the maximum pleasure to the senses.

A large welcoming restaurant with warmth which you can enjoy in company in the heart of Seville.